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It's monday and I'm finally off. Yeah I can finally start to shake myself out of the bed, and float through the walls. Where we had all our favorite haunts sterilized under bright office lights. I guess we had ourselves afraid- How could they possibly believe in me? Oh where is my ghost?
The sidewalk is still warm though the sun went down hours ago,
Where we shared my cigarettes with our bodies on the ground.
We filled your neighborhood with summer talk and teen smoke.
Yeah It hovered right around, also afraid to leave town.
With my hands around your wrists, I feel you making fists.
Am I tied around you still? Just tight enough.
In the starry winter frost I got my breath knocked out. I tried
to dry off in the basement, but the dust was raining down.
Where is my ghost now?
I can hear you smile through the phone, but it wont light up the room
the same way.


from A Future to Remember, released August 31, 2013


tags: rock Portland


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