A Future to Remember

by Soft Skills

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released August 31, 2013

Album artwork -
Anna Slade (artist)
Akila Fields (Photographer) akilafields.com
Layout by Akila Fields and Soft Skills


tags: rock Portland


all rights reserved


Soft Skills Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: A Customer Service
Clouds cut themselves and bleed out
while we leave out little pieces
I say blank space says so much more to me
I've been climbing the sound
of your name for so long that
it's hard to stand in the middle of everyone
kissing with no resolutions.
I guess this year I'll give you a call
or write you on a comment card.
Plans and promises
hot breath on my back
just steam all along.
How it stinks in here
polluted bedrooms where we
breath up all the air.
So shut up with the sentiments you
scripted out so long ago
a formula for pleasing everyone
Oh, we used to go out walking just to see
what we'd say to eachother
Oh, I used to be a sucker for your
Useless lip service.
Track Name: Scary Stories
I wanna get swallowed by a crowd
that can tear me to bits and spit nothing out.
None of the teases of cheek bites and teeth marks
trying to rattle on and on in
my tired and stubborn skull.
Let us in, get me out.
What I've held in or written down.
When I build my time machine, I'm never leaving the past.
Even if it plagues the universe with
terrible paradoxes. Sure,
it's a risk I'm willing to take.
What you read about on the bathroom stall-
In your yearbook I signed all
the same obscene remarks. Don't forget me.
I wanna feel the carpet that pressed
patterns in your knees, through holes in your jeans.
And hear songs how they sounded to us at the time,
because they're all wrong now. It's been so long
since they were right.
I've been coming up with scary stories
to tell at my high school reunion.
Track Name: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods, Etc.
I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do.
You're here in front of me, after months of thinking of you.
So I sink into my seat, and I keep on looking back.
We hit 30,000 feet. Am I imagining this?
I truly cannot tell.
Oh It's obvious that there's no coincidence, but
how can I explain? Here, up above it all.
Underneath the sun.
You have a heart back home, and I've got one that's away.
I keep on petting mine with kid gloves,
but I'm afraid it's going to break.
There is no easy way out, this should've happened long ago.
When our eyes first met and I let my jesus this song is cheesy.
Oh it's obvious that there's no coincidence,
but how can I explain the impact when your eyes turn to me
and I'm struck by hurricanes, earthquakes and floods, etc.
Track Name: Harmonics
It's monday and I'm finally off. Yeah I can finally start to shake myself out of the bed, and float through the walls. Where we had all our favorite haunts sterilized under bright office lights. I guess we had ourselves afraid- How could they possibly believe in me? Oh where is my ghost?
The sidewalk is still warm though the sun went down hours ago,
Where we shared my cigarettes with our bodies on the ground.
We filled your neighborhood with summer talk and teen smoke.
Yeah It hovered right around, also afraid to leave town.
With my hands around your wrists, I feel you making fists.
Am I tied around you still? Just tight enough.
In the starry winter frost I got my breath knocked out. I tried
to dry off in the basement, but the dust was raining down.
Where is my ghost now?
I can hear you smile through the phone, but it wont light up the room
the same way.
Track Name: Butterflies
The ink that she spilled
still pinned above my bed.
A polaroid and a poem that
she couldn't write for me.
So I cauterized every bleeding pipeline
between us with the flame
that I could not groom for you.
Can't make you out over the noise
in this room, where we'll finally deflate
from all the sighs we let escape.
So remember everything-
Being emptied, looking up at you
saying "never ever ever ever ever"
That fluttering-
They weren't butterflies. No, they
were flames that we couldn't tame,
opening wide.
Track Name: Title Track
Writing verses was easy.
We made two years of fantasy,
it was easy like sleeping.
One morning we awoke, you first-
Shrugging off dreams that I
wanted to remember.
Summertime. I can't get it back to me.
So why try my hand at certain failure?
I Try to remind you of something that is right with me.
I try to remind you of something that is right.
So watch out-
what's in your heart is shutting out everything.
Not how its supposed to be.
And I'm not trying to get your heart
to open up back to me
like I'm all better now.

(You don't know my heart)
(Don't tell me how to be)
(There's no need to rekindle anything)
(We should know better now)
Track Name: A Future to Remember
Maybe I saw this coming
and didn't recognize it's shape
as the dying day shifted everything
to shadows.
Possibly I heard the sound- droning slowly nearer.
Mistaking it for a speeding train.
Sell my instincts, and my car
for half-assed friends with tattooed scars.
They suck my inspiration bare,
feed me shit, hold back my hair. Oh well.
I'm getting tired of running alongside your bike.
You carry us like figurines with weaknesses
you shape like paper mache.
Night time tumors you spit up,
All night long you're growing lumps.
I want to surgically remove every cancerous
part of you.
Before we started talking shit,
it was poetry and promises.
Such perfect fantasies ahead, yeah it was
a future to remember.
So don't be surprised if we can't keep down
all those nursery rhymes-
They were always lies.
Oh so when we wake up, lift your head up and say everything you were dreaming of. Don't be afraid of what anyone might think. Trust me, no one's ever listening.