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Writing verses was easy.
We made two years of fantasy,
it was easy like sleeping.
One morning we awoke, you first-
Shrugging off dreams that I
wanted to remember.
Summertime. I can't get it back to me.
So why try my hand at certain failure?
I Try to remind you of something that is right with me.
I try to remind you of something that is right.
So watch out-
what's in your heart is shutting out everything.
Not how its supposed to be.
And I'm not trying to get your heart
to open up back to me
like I'm all better now.

(You don't know my heart)
(Don't tell me how to be)
(There's no need to rekindle anything)
(We should know better now)


from A Future to Remember, released August 31, 2013
Ft. Katherine Paul (vocals)
Shannon Rose Steele (violins)


tags: rock Portland


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